Pelion Holidays Activities Recreation in South Pelion
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Activities and Recreation - South Pelion

The entire region of Pelion is one where visitors can enjoy a huge range of activities and recreation. With the beautiful natural scenery and inspiring landscapes, Pelion is a destination where one can enjoy both relaxing and active holidays throughout the year.

The village of Platanias has a beautiful natural environment and is surrounded by flourishing nature, combining the mountain with the sea and which offers many options for the development of various forms of alternative activities and holidays.

There are plenty of historical monuments that visitors can visit, such as the monastery of Agios Spiridon. Pelion is home to a huge number of churches and monasteries, each of which is worth a visit.

The stunning landscape of South Pelion makes it ideal for interesting activities such as trekking and hiking, where one can follow the many paths and routes, and enjoy a unique walk, passing through the rich vegetation of the region, as well as enjoying some truly spectacular panoramic views that stretch out towards the sea.

Pelion Holidays Activities Recreation in South PelionAnother popular ativity is to visit the magical sea caves in which the famous seals of the monachus – monachus family resided.

One popular trekking route leads to the spring fountains of the village Mousges, while you will have the chance to observe the production of natural soap and collect various aromatic plants and herbs ideal for collections or personal use.

South Pelion is a region that truly needs to be explored to be fully aprpeciated. There are so many wonderful activities that one can enjoy, as well as some areas that are just too beautiful to put into words. Pelion was the holiday destination of the Gods - we are confident that you will soon realise just what an excellent taste the Gods had.

Pelion Holidays Activities Recreation in South Pelion

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