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Argalasti Village - South Pelion

The traditional mountainous village of Argalasti is the head of the villages of South Pelion, and is located 40km from the city of Volos.

During the Turkish occupation, it was the financial, trading and cultural center of South Pelion.

If you take a walk around the village you will be impressed by the
traditional atmosphere and the old houses and mansions that bear in their architecture, elements from the ancient and Byzantine period.

Close to the church of Agii Apostoli ( Saints Apostles ) is the paved square of the village, which is covered with centuries old plain trees, offering cool shade to the passers by as well as the locals.

Before the village’s main square is situated the bel fry of the church Agii Apostoli, which is 45 meters high, built with marble by local technicians in the 1914.

It has two Russian bells and is a copy of the famous bellfry of Agia Fotini in Smirni in minor Asia.

If you wish to swim Argalasti has access to a wonderful selection of beautiful beaches on the Pagasitic Gulf, such as the beaches of Paou ( 5km.), Kalamaos and Lefokastro (9km.). On the Aegean coast, the sandy beaches of Potistika (15 km.) and Paltsi (13 km.) are perfect places to head to.

The village Argalasti is the headquarters of the municipality of Argalasti, and stretches from Pagasitic Gulf to the coast of Aegean Sea and the southern edges of the Pelion peninsula, where many villages and hamlets of south Pelion all belong to this municipality.

As the headquarter of the Municipality of Argalasti, there is a Medical Center and Chemist that serve all the villages of South Pelion. From Argalasti there are frequent connections with the KTEL buses of Magnesia. For more information please call ( + 30 ) 24210 25527.

Argalasti Pelion Greece - Guide to Argalasti Pilio - South Pelion

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