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Katigiorgis Village - South Pelion

Katigiorgis is a beautiful and traditional fishing village located just 13 km. from neighbouring Promiri. This community belongs to the municipality of Sipiada.

The village is just 2 nautical miles from the island of Skiathos ( part of the Sporades Islands ) and has frequent connections to and from the island by taxi boat. Katigiorgis is just 8 km. from
Platanias and 5 km. from Kastri.

It is very close the beaches of Liri ( 3 km ), Vromoneri and Mourtias. If you follow the country road from Mourtias you will pass through the large olive groves and you will end up at the large beautiful beach of Agios Konstantinos.

Twice a day on a daily basis are organized routes with the KTEL buses of Magnesia, to and from Volos to Katigiorgis.

The Medical Center and Pharmacy of Argalasti is 28 km. away and services the medical needs of Katigiorgis.

On the sea area in front of Katigiorgis’s coast is a reef, where on top was built a light house called “Lefteris”. In ancient year, the reef was known s as Mermingx and was ihabited.

In village of Katigiorgis visitors will find a lovely selection of accommodation including rooms and apartments to let, villas, as well as restaurants, fish taverns, ouzo places, cafe bars, patisserie and a mini market.

The beautiful church of Agios Georgios is located in the village, and every year on the 21st of May a large religious and cultural festival takes place, with traditional music, orchestra, dance and a very happy and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy with the festivities.

Visitors to Katigiorgi can visit the archeological site of Theotokos, that is situated just 2.5 km. from Katigiorgis. Here you will find the important temple of Panagia Theotokos, that is celebrated every year on the 15th of August.

It is a very interesting experience and a good opportunity for a day out. The temple was built on top of the foundations of an ancient temple dedicated to Artemis and has impressive mosaics that are in need of care and preservation.

Katigiorgis Pelion Greece - Guide to Katigiorgis Pilio - South Pelion

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