Lyri Pelion Greece Lyri - Guide to Liri Pilio - South Pelion
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Lyri Village - South Pelion

Lyri ( Liri ) Is a small hamlet, located 58 km. from Volos, and is dates back to the far ancient years. It is situated on the eastern edge of Pelion peninsula, and has visibility up to Agio Oros ( Athos ).

Here you will find rooms and apartments to let, kafenio ( traditional cafe ) and taverna restaurant
offering traditional and local cuisine.

The chapel of Panagia that is located here is dated since the 17th century and every year on the 28th of August, the people of the village organise a large traditional and religious festival.

During the building phase of this chapel, architectural parts from an ancient and an old Christian temple were used, as well as an ancient marble sign, which depicts a sacred ceremony to Zeus or Asclepios ( at that matter the minds are divided ).

For those who enjoy the sun and sea, there is a lovely beach here that is perfect for those hot summer days, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

The village is not included in the routes of the KTEL buses of Magnesia, For your medical needs you will be serviced at Argalasti’s Medical Center and chemist.

Lyri Pelion Greece Lyri - Guide to Liri Pilio - South Pelion

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