Metohi Pelion Greece - Guide to Metohi Pilio - South Pelion
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Metohi Village - South Pelion

Located at a distance of 42km from the city of Volos is the traditional mountainous village of Metohi. It is also just 3km from the neighbouring village of Argalasti.

Taking a stroll around the village, you will discover picturesque and beautiful corners that will intrigue and inspire you. The natural spring that is situated on the main road,
wells up fresh drinking water, while on the opposite side of the road is the old steamroller that is dated since 1830.

In the paved square of the village, sitting under the centuries old plain tress, you can enjoy tsipouro and meze, and you will stretch your eyes to the magnificent view to the surrounding area and the Gulf of Milina with the islet Alatas in the middle.

Also in the square is situated the church of Zoodohos Pigi ( Life giving source ) which is dated from 1860 and is decorated with beautiful old icons and impressive frescos.

The village of Metohi is included in the routes of the KTEL buses of Magnesia, with daily connections from and to Volos. For your medical needs you will be serviced at Argalasti’s Medical Center and chemist, which is just a short distance away.

Metohi Pelion Greece - Guide to Metohi Pilio - South Pelion

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