Panagias Island Pelion Greece - Guide to Panagias Island Pilio - South Pelion
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Panagias Island ( Old Trikeri ) Village - South Pelion

The small islet of Panagia is situated in the Pagasitic Gulf, very close to the southern edge of Pelion peninsula and is known also as Palio Trkeri ( Old Trikeri ).

Panagias Island is a picturesque island covered with olive trees and tranquil scenery. This island was habituated during the ancient years and it was the
place that the Argo stopped for repairs before the long trip to Kolhis in search of the Golden Fleece.

During the medieval period the island was known as Kikinthos, but it was also a big attraction for pirates and Saracens, that were pillaging the island.

These continous attacks resulted in the immigration of its people to the land opposite the island, where the village of Trikeri was founded.

This islet has great religious importance, as found here was the miraculous icon of Evagelismos tis Panagias ( Panagia’s Annunciation ) , on the 25th of September in the root of an olive tree.

This icon is believed to have been created amongst others by the Evagelist Louka, made with wax and mastic. On the place that the icon was found, the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni ( The revealed Panagia ) was built in 1837.

This islet attracts many visitors because it's monastery that celebrates every year on the 10th of September with a large religious and traditional festival, and also because its tranquil beauty and scenery.

The islet offers accommodation facilities in beautiful traditional houses, and has restaurants, cafes, and fish tavernas. The beaches around the island are magnificent and offer isolation, tranquility and exceptionally clean waters.

Panagias Island Pelion Greece - Guide to Panagias Island Pilio - South Pelion

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