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Platanias Village - South Pelion

Platanias is a beautiful coastal village that is one of the most famous and popular tourist resorts in all of Pelion. It is 67 km from Volos, and is ideal for relaxing holidays close to nature, where one can enjoy swimming and soaking up the sun.

The village owes its name to the many plain trees that are growing in this area ( plain tree = Platani ) and that indicates by itself the rich water horizon with very good
drinking water with mineral properties.

Platanias has a safe and natural port which is at the same time a popular fishing refuge, which was known since the ancient years.

This port was the one that was used by the Persians, as a base during the expedition to conquer the Greece. It was in the coastal area between Pelion and North Evia that the famous battle of Artemisio took place.

Todays village of Platanias is situated on the site of the ancient city Afetes, where the Argonauts stopped to stock up on water, before sailing to the far city of Colhis.

During the beginning of the 19th century, because of its geographical position and its port, Platanias was a very important trading and transport center, especially for the transportation to the mountainous regions of Pelion. This lead to it being established as the official port serving the village of Promiri.

Today Platanias has approximately 150 permanent inhabitants, but also has a great infrastructure for tourism, with approximately 800 beds available throughout a range of accommodation. There is also an organised camping facility in Platanias for those who enjoy nature at it's finest and most beautiful.

As a well tourist developed village, Platanias has a large variety of shops and businesses such as restaurants, taverns, offering traditional and Greek cuisine, fish taverns with fresh fish and sea food, pizza places, ouzo Meze places, cafes, mini markets, souvenir and gift shops, butchers, bakery, local and foreign press on a daily basis.

The beach of Platanias has easy access and is ideal for kids. It is near an olive grove that offers perfect shade during the hot times of the day.

The locals of Platanias, besides their tourist occupations, cultivate olive trees, and produce olive oil and olive products. Recently there is one more aspect of occupation in Platanias, and that is the flower and plant cultivation, which makes up an important part of the economic life of the village and the greater area.

Platanias with it's port is the biggest fishing refuge of Pelion and visitors to Platanias, have the chance to sample a wonderful choice of fresh fish.

During the summer period Platanias is connected by small boats with the Sporades Islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos, while there is also a connection with sea taxi’s for the visitor’s convenience.

For more information call Skiathos ( + 30 ) 24270 29200 or Nea Anhialos ( + 30 ) 24280 76886, where the airports covering the tourist transportation of Magnesia by air can assist. Alsooperating on a daily basis are 3 time tables with the KTEL coaches of Magnesia from Volos to Platanias and reversed ( you can call ( + 30 ) 24210 25527 for more information ). Platanias has a surgery, and is serviced by the Medical Center of Argalasti and chemist at a distance of 17 km. The nearest hospital ( + 30 ) 24230 94200) is in Volos at a distance of 58 km.

Platanias Pelion Greece - Guide to Platanias Pilio - South Pelion

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