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Promiri Village - South Pelion

Located 55km from the city of Volos is the unique and beautiful traditional mountainous village of Promiri. Built on a green hill, it provides some wonderful views out towards the Aegean Sea.

Promiri is famous for the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that it offers. The geographicl position of the village means that it is hidden and almost invisible. This village was established in the
16th century, by people that lived previously on Theotokos beach and later at the coastal hamlet Liri, where the locals had to move repeatedly, because of the frequent pirate raids. For that reason they chose this hidden area, as a refuge of the pirates.

During the Ottoman Ocupation, the village was ecclesiastical property ( Vakoufi ) and had a well developed economy based on olive oil and olive products, figs, grapes and silk.

It played an important role in the Greek revolution of 1821 and is considered the centre of the revolution of the locals of Pelion.

Very near to the village is the women’s monastery of Agios Spiridon that is built inside a forest.

The cobble stone paths of the village, leading you on a delightful journey past old houses and neoclassic mansions. It is worth visiting the basilica church of Kimisi tis Theotokou, which was built in 1767, possibly on the foundations of an old temple, and the covered fountain “Trani Brisi” which were the creation of technicians from Epirus in 1786.

The inhabitants of Promiri are occupied with the cultivation of olive trees and olive products.

For swimming, there are several beautiful beaches you can head to. These include the beaches of Theotokos where the chapel of Panagia Theotokos dating from 1807 is situated, and also the beaches of Platanias, Liri, Vromoneri and Mourtias.

The village Promiri is very close to Argalasti, so it is serviced by the Medical Center and the Pharmacy of Argalasti. It is included on the routes of KTEL of Magnesia ( Public Coaches ) where there are organized daily routes to and from Volos.

Promiri Pelion Greece - Guide to Promiri Pilio - South Pelion

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