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Trikeri Village - South Pelion

Trikeri is a beautiful and traditional village situated at the southern tip of the Pelion peninsula, 81 km from Volos. Its instant appearance is that of the village climbing upwards on a hill and appearing as if a balcony.

It has preserved its traditional and picturesque character, and is a village with a great nautical past and history. For this reason, the village has more of an
island characteristic about it.

During the Greek revolution of 1821, it played an important role with its boats and its brave seamen.

The view towards the sea is magnificent, and the combination of the old mansions and the towerhouses of its Captains, sets a unique landscape.

The picturesque cobble stone paths invite you to take an interesting stroll through the this charming village that has changed little through time.

The traditional and cultural events and festivals are very interesting and take place during Easter and the 1st of May, with traditional feast, folklore music and dance.

If you are lucky enough you can see a traditional wedding or engagement, and sample the local traditions. The women of Trikeri wear their beautiful golden embroidered traditional clothes.

It is worth visiting the church of Agios Athanasios that is dated since 1799, the church of Agii Anargiri ( 1781 ) and the church of Agia Triada with the wooden and golden plated throne of Napoleon, and the wooden crafted iconostasis that are dated from 1739.

The village has a surgery and is serviced by the Medical Center and the Pharmacy of Argalasti. There are organized routes of KTEL buses of Magnesia ( Public Coaches ) on a daily basis, and the port serving this village is Agia Kiriaki with the picturesque fishing harbour.

Trikeri Pelion Greece - Guide to Trikeri Pilio - South Pelion

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