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Xinovrisi - South Pelion

Xinovrisi is a mountainous village located 46 km . from Volos, 6 km from Argalasti and 6 km . from the beautiful beach of Potistika. The village was built at an altitude of 300 meters, and is one that provides a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

The village owes its name to a fountain with spring metallic sparkling water that is situated before the sea, ( Xinovrisi = Sour Tap). In the old days it was
also known as Bistinika. It was inhabituated during the medieval period and today there are still ruins of its medieval castle.

The cobble stone paths of the village are perfect for taking a stroll where you can discover picturesque corners, with yards full of flowers and traditional houses.

For a nice walk you can follow the path that passes through a gorge with rich fauna and spring waters, where the path ends at the magnificent sandy beach of Potistika.

In the main paved square of the village, you will find traditional tavernas, that offer traditional and local cuisine under the shade of the centuries old plain trees.

It is worth visiting the church of Kimisi Tis Theotokou dated from 1778, which was destroyed by fire during the Ottoman occupation, but was renovated years later.

Every year on the 15th of August a large religious and traditional festival takes place in the main square of the village.

Xinovrisi is very close to Argalasti, and is serviced by the Medical Center and the Pharmacy of Argalasti.

Xinovrisi Pelion Greece - Guide to Xinovrisi Pilio - South Pelion

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